The land of hidden charm is calling your name. Teaching English overseas could be a once in a life time experience in any country, and Vietnam is not an exception. Staggeringly beautiful attractions along with the rich heritage of the culture definitely make Vietnam an enticingly choice to live and work. Besides, the young country is eager to be part of the world and the key to opening the globe door is English. This results in an increasing demand for learning English and plentiful opportunities for English teachers and would-be teachers.

Teach in VietNam, and get to know locals who will show you the country behind the news stories. Travel to work on a speeding tuk-tuk auto rickshaw, explore dazzling downtown Bangkok, meet the keepers of ancient temples, and become part of a Vietnam school community. The EFC Teach in Vietnam program offers placements in paid semester-long and yearlong positions, teaching English at primary or secondary schools in urban, town, or rural locations.

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If you are considering Vietnam for travelling, why do not consider teaching English in Vietnam as your future career or even just a temporary job that helps you deal with your bills when being on the road? The following information would help you to know what to expect:

Is there any requirement for teaching English in Vietnam?

The answer is perhaps both yes and no.

In general, a four-year college degree in any subject is required for a would-be English teacher in Vietnam and a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is preferred. However, it does mean that you could not get a good job without such certificates but surely those documents would guarantee your chances of landing a better job. Knowing Vietnamese is not a requirement; it just helps you easily integrate into the classroom and impress you students.

TEFL certificate courses can be found in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, each lasting about 5 days and costing about $1000. For the long term plan, the certificate is all worth it.

How much can I earn from teaching English in Vietnam?

There is no fixed salary amount but expect a range between $1000 and $2000 per month. It may sound hefty but for the cost of living in Vietnam, the amount can get you a beautiful rented apartment with plenty of budget for food and saving (see how much things cost in Vietnam).

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